PixInsight Repository for NSG, PMM

Welcome to the repository for the PhotometricMosaic and NormalizeScaleGradient PixInsight apps.

Customer reviews are available on the Home page.

Installing the repository

Before you start

Upgrade to PixInsight 1.8.9-1 or later

If you manually installed PhotometricMosaic 4.0, or you are using a PixInsight version before 1.8.9-2 build 1588 (released 2023-10-19), remove the PMM scripts to avoid double entries in the menus.

If you are using my previous repository "" remove it.

Install the repository

PixInsight menu: RESOURCES submenu Updates submenu Manage Repositories

RESOURCES > Updates > Manage Repositories

Repository dialog

Press Add and enter:
Make sure you include the final "/". Press OK

After restarting PixInsight, the updates will appear. Alternatively:
RESOURCES > Updates > Check for Updates

Finally, remember to restart PixInsight after the update so that the scripts are installed!
If you run into problems, see the FAQ

MacOS: Installing NSGXnml

The C++ module NSGXnml is automatically installed on Windows and Linux via the repository. On macOS, the repository installs all applications except for NSGXnml. This is because installing NSGXnml on macOS requires some manual steps.

To install NSGXnml on macOS, see these Instructions.